Kilkenny Cat Laughs 2023

Kilkenny Cat Laughs 2023

June 15, 2023
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Cat Laugh Festival

The Cat Laughs Festival features mainly stand-up comedy performances but has also played host to other forms of comedy including readings by comedy authors, exhibitions of cartoonists, short films and also silent era films with live piano accompaniment.Irish comedians are joined by a huge international line-up in what has become one of the most popular and well attended festivals in Ireland. It is known as a more intimate and laid back festival as there is no competition between the comedians to win awards or sell tickets to shows.

25 Years & Counting!

As well as this year 30th may to 03 June this festival will held with celebrating its 25th birthday. Since 1994 Kilkenny has become accustomed to seeing world renowned faces from the world of comedy relax and enjoy attending this festival just as much as performing in it.This year some of the amazing household names and exciting new talent joining festival to celebrate include Tommy TiernanDylan MoranRose MatafeoDara Ó BriainLucy PorterJason ByrneNish Kumar, and Alison SpittleDavid O’DohertyEd ByrneJoanne McNallyDreamgunNeil DelamereEleanor TiernanKarl Spain Comedian and many more.

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Celebration with other events

There are lots of events in Kilkenny town during the festival, comedy shows from lunchtime to after midnight spread over more than a dozen venues you may not get to see much of them. There are also a host of street events, among the most popular being the annual football match between Irish and International comedians.

Celebration with Royal spice Indian restaurant

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