Authentic Indian Menu

A sophisticated dining experience for those seeking to explore beyond the ordinary and discover the full potential of Indian & Bangladeshi fine dining.

Please let us take you on a tantalizing journey across the different regions of Indian subcontinent to present a superb combination of vibrant dishes freshly prepared using the finest ingredients to create rich, authentic flavours.

These unique and specialty dishes are the fruition of the labours of our chefs. Their specialist touch is borne from years of experience and each dish has the signature taste of our master chef. If you truly want to try something authentic, choose from our specialist dishes.

Our dinner menu – we only use fresh premium Irish chicken and lamb. Where possible Royal Spice sources local, artisan ingredients and we support as many local producers as possible.


LambFresh Irish Lamb – County Meath

ChickenFresh Irish Chicken – Shannon Vale Foods

Prawn – Indian Black Tiger Prawn (India)

VegetablesFarmers Market, Local Vegetable Supplier

Ice creamCreamer’s Grove Ice Cream

Oil Rapeseed Oil


We hope you enjoy your visit.


Mohammad Abid – Head Chef                                                                           Redwan Ahmed Syed – Owner

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