The Arts festival in Kilkenny

The Arts festival in Kilkenny

July 30, 2023
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Art festival Kilkenny

The wonderful arts festival has come to our city again this year in Kilkenny and once again we are privileged to view and experience all the amazing wonders of art on offer during this amazing arts festival. We at royal spice are proud members of the arts festival and hope you will drop by to sample our very own works of art, our delicious curry creations.

With the arts festival arriving and being a member of this great event once more it has me wondering about art and what exactly defines it.

Art is a diverse range of human activities in creating visual, auditory, or performance, expressing the artists imaginative or technical skill, intended to be appreciated for its beauty or impact it instils.

Art is something so much more than just paintings or sculptures. A work of art is defined by its artist and I believe that art can be anything and created by anyone. You could almost say the work of creating delicious curry’s and appetisers is somewhat of an art form in itself.

The creation of a curry begins just like any other artist would begin planning their envision for their finished product in our case a mouth-watering curry for our customers! The chef carefully selects from the array of colourful spices available to him, such as the blazing yellow colour from turmeric powder, deep luscious red chilli powder and the rustic orange colour emitted from saffron, all combine to create his dish just as an artist selects the correct paints and brushes to create their masterpiece.

Each curry delivered by our skilled chef is his own masterpiece, his very own work of art. His knowledge, skill and passion immersed in each dish he delivers with pride can be enjoyed in each flavoursome mouthful giving the customer a true experience of a worthy work of culinary artistry.

Art is amazing and when pondered upon allows you to embrace life and discover new meanings and experiences.

Unlike most Indian restaurants, we proudly offer a select range of dishes that are unique and special to our menu. Each dish is carefully crafted by our talented chef and he has created his very own culinary masterpieces in the kitchen. Our chef has selected each dish for our menu to deliver to our customers an experience of something different and worth admiring just like any wonderful work of art.

We hope that the art festival is a great success this year and you all enjoy this wonderful event. We look forward to seeing you at royal spice.

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