Indian Restaurant in Kilkenny

Indian Restaurant in Kilkenny

May 18, 2015
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Our restaurant in Kilkenny provides an exquisite menu in Kilkenny for you to indulge in Indian cuisine at its finest. Our chefs come from the eastern regions and bring with them traditional and cultivating dishes that have been passed down through generations to share with you.

Syed Ahmad opened our Indian Restaurant first in 2009 and soon developed a loyal following from locals and tourists alike. Due to popular demand we moved to a larger purpose built building in 2015 and plan to enhance our reputation even further. Our ethos has remained the same since day one, to provide an authentic Indian fine dining experience which is unrivalled in Kilkenny.

Our award winning chefs use traditional Tandoori ovens and cooking methods so that your food is as authentic as you can get on these shores .

Thanks for visiting our website and we hope to welcome you through our doors soon.


Royal Spice Team 2015

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